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and some other tasks #TheresOnlyTwoOfUs
As 1/2 of odopac I design, build, and improve our e-commerce site.
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odopac is an activated carbon cloth shoe bag made for rock climbers and their specialty shoes. This backpack insert helps climbers travel and commute by eliminating shoe odor contamination to backpacks, gym bags, cars, and homes.

We wanted a scalable method of gaining initial traction—providing us early product feedback.

We needed an e-commerce site able to generate sales. Our actionable design goals were to build trust for an unknown brand/product while providing a memorable, true-to-brand experience.
— probably alotta people
Trust is built
through a good
user experience.

The quick logo animation is enough to build trust in our brand; competitive analysis/guerrilla testing concluded it gave a unique and professional feel.

Load ends by drawing your eyes to what the product is (image) and how to continue your shopping flow (CTA).Loading screen function centers on two user needs—building trust and making the intended flow clear.
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No matter what new visitors probably want more information. This makes scrolling likely. Scrolling instantly show & tells what product does. More text is shown post-scroll; lessening your initial cognitive load. We surface and draw the eye to a “how it works” button to provide a next step in the common "gathering product info" flow.
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Element placement enables expected e-commerce flows to be carried out in straightforward ways.
Consistent and relevant branding builds memorability. We keep the most eye-catching elements (like images and our yellow) restricted within rock climbing hold-esque shapes. This aligns with our space conscious goal and climbing product. Our social presence uses similar elements.
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We aim to create "space conscious products. The first product keeps shoe odor from soiling other products and the air; making bad odor take up less space.
Differentiating ourselves enough to be remembered—without compromising our user experience.
Design choices down to state changes are made to reflect our brand. Further hammering down odopac as having a cohesive, memorable digital experience.
can buttons be
space conscious?
Leaving you with a thoughtful shopping experience and one quite different from other rock climbing companies.
Continually iterating down the
yellow blob road.
We were able to sell most of our first production round to climbers across the United States. This allowed for a few iterations on our site, based on engagement.

Looking back, guerrilla testing and e-commerce research proved invaluable in shaping element placement/emphasis. There is always room for more, so we continue analyzing how customers feel throughout our funnel. Accessibility should have been emphasized more on day one; it is the focus of our current improvements.

Moving forward, we were able to understand how people use our product enough to confidently set the improvement for our second production round. Digital design attention will be honing in on the beginning (marketing) and end (checkout & after) of our funnel.
Happy to say our customer feedback has been positive, as we grow towards product-market fit!
"I love my odopac! I use it every single day, and I have been very happy with it, I keep it in my backpack, and oftentimes I climb before work so I have to leave my shoes in my car, before this was an issue and now it is not anymore. I am more than happy with it and I have recommended it to all of my friends!"
"I wanted to let you know that I love my odopac. My wife and I use one every time we go climbing to the gym which is around 3x a week. I look forward to seeing what new products you have in store for the future."
"I love the odopac! Helps me go from the climbing gym to class without the funk. Also it's very optimal for when you're at camp you won't have to smell your shoes in your tent. You can even stuff it into your sleeping bag to keep them warm."
"I brought it with me on my last trip to SF and no one in the office thought I smelled bad! I work from home so usually my climbing shoes are in the car and it has definitely helped the car smell better. Previously I used charcoal bags in each shoe like these. I like the bag better because it contains chalk and overall smells better."
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