i'm not actually this small
at least 6 pixels apart
hey mj here

i’m an interaction
designer for fun

hope my work
makes you think
hmm not too shabby
Launching The Black Yearbook
/e-commerce link to site
A fun fact = I designed an award for Hillary Clinton
Opening a space for art
/passion project
Trophy credits:
Jenna Ma
Nader Sadoughi
Michael Johnston, Jr.
Oh you wanna know more about me? I'm flattered! I'm a designer at Roadtrip. Wanting to better understand human perception and aesthetic theory drives my design practice. My fingerprints are on a few websites but sometimes they slip off screens. Scroll down to learn more about yours truly through pictures!
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Yep that is all..no more pictures :( sorry..

but roommate says you can call them if you want all the tea
Pro tip:  Tell firefighters todays ur birthday