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hey mj here

i’m a product
designer for fun

hope my work
makes you think
hmm not too shabby
Giving fans space to wild out  /founding designer
Music is an inherently communal activity. Campground puts collaborative music listening first. Fan groups fill chat with lyrics during live listening parties, genre experts post what they've been listening to, and community leaders lead audio discussions while showcasing songs.
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Bringing friends together with music /product design

Roadtrip made sharing music with friends easier and more vibrant. I led design, focusing on better ways to share music through better collaborative playlists, synced listening experiences, and more. Friends could share a link prompting everyone to add their favorite summer song to a playlist (no streaming service req'd to add). Later listening to the playlist together on the app.
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Building a shared videotape  /founding designer
Sharing photo albums is tougher than it should be. Homie makes it simple to add and record videos to a shared album. On playback the videos are stitched together making it simple to enjoy your memories. Friends create group specific video albums and even use solo albums for personal journals and documentation.
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Turning your timeline into mixtapes /product design + branding
The same team from Roadtrip (feat. above), thought it'd be interesting to create playlists from online places you already hang out in. One of our 'hack week' experiments checks your Twitter timeline for any songs posted. You end with a sharable mixtape you and can even preview the songs on the micro-site. We created a functional version but didn't launch this as we pivoted to targeting fan groups more than friend groups.
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Enabling anyone to make interactive stories  /product design & branding
Everyone should be able to bring their stories to life. Twistmax opens up interactive story creation. Experienced and new writers were able to much more easily make click-through decision based stories. I designed the online platform for making and visualizing these stories, along with a mobile app for playing them.
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Misc web work /web design
web text
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Curing hangovers and tossing aliens /web branding agency
Check out those waaAAAVvvy lines above and the ufo riding alien below! I spent the last half of 2020 at Zero Studios making the internet have a little bit more personality. There I helped design mostly e-commerce sites for new and young brands. From landing pages to 404s, my prototypes helped our team & clients make more informed design decisions.
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Launching The Black Yearbook /art e-commerce
I designed & built an e-commerce site for The Black Yearbook—helping the book sell out within a week. The site aims to be quiet and smooth, allowing the art to stand up and welcome you.
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Giving climbers fresh air /web design
Rock climbing shoes can smell so so bad. This causes climbers to replace their shoes and odor-soiled gear too often. Well, climbers without odopac at least.

Odopac is an activated carbon cloth shoe bag eliminating odor contaminating substances. As ½ of odopac, I design, build, and improve our e-commerce site.
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Michael Johnston, Jr.
Oh you wanna know more about me? I'm flattered! I've led design at a few startups—focusing on consumer social iOS and web products. My design practice is driven by wanting to better understand human perception and aesthetic theory. You can find my fingerprints on a few apps and sites, but sometimes they slip off screens. Scroll down to learn more about yours truly through pictures!
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