i'm not actually this small
at least 6 pixels apart
hey mj here

i’m a product
designer for fun

hope my work
makes you think
hmm not too shabby
Bringing folks together with music /product design
/product design
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Music is an inherently communal activity. Digital music products have siloed people. They put folks in single-player experiences interacting with cold “play this next” algorithms. Campground is an attempt to put collaborative music listening first. I have been leading design here since Dec. 2020. My work focuses on better ways to share music through live listening parties, better collaborative playlists, & more. We’ve launched, learned, relaunched, and are testing out an improved product.
Curing hangovers and tossing aliens /web branding agency
/web branding agency
Check out those waaAAAVvvy lines above and the ufo riding alien below! I spent the last half of 2020 at Zero Studios making the internet have a little bit more personality. There I helped design mostly e-commerce sites for new and young brands. From landing pages to 404s, my prototypes helped our team & clients make more informed design decisions.
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here's the alien:)
Launching The Black Yearbook /art e-commerce
/art e-commerce
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I designed & built an e-commerce site for The Black Yearbook—helping the book sell out within a week. The site aims to be quiet and smooth, allowing the art to stand up and welcome you. Watch the intro video if you’ve got a minute. On launch we hid the “go to shop” button until you were much deeper into the video. Take that capitalism lol.
Giving climbers fresh air /co-founder
/co-founder & designer
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Rock climbing shoes can smell so so bad. This causes climbers to replace their shoes and odor-soiled gear too often. Well, climbers without odopac at least.

Odopac is an activated carbon cloth shoe bag eliminating odor contaminating substances. As ½ of odopac, I design, build, and improve our e-commerce site.

The initial site provided a scalable method of gaining initial traction—providing us early product feedback. After having sold out of our initial prototype, we released an improved product and site March 2022.
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Oh you wanna know more about me? I'm flattered! I lead design at Campground, a social music product. My design practice is driven by wanting to better understand human perception and aesthetic theory. You can find my fingerprints on a few websites but sometimes they slip off screens. Scroll down to learn more about yours truly through pictures!
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